News Bulletin Questionnaire

My name is Alexis Petersen. I am a retired social worker now volunteering with the Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre Board of Directors, Cat Nap Rescue, Nanaimo Emergency Social Services, City of Nanaimo Public Safety Committee. I have been a Colliery Dam Park Ambassador for 15 years.

I have a Bachelor of Social Work UBC 79 and a Master’s in Criminology SFU 95. I have worked in social welfare and justice institutions for 35 years in Bella Coola, Yukon and here on Vancouver Island. I have lived in Nanaimo for 16 years.

In discussions with the community, housing has consistently been the top priority mentioned. Not just the housing needed for marginalized people, but for young families and seniors. Another priority identified is the need to revisit the Transportation Plan, assess the progress and revisit priorities.

I would support community consultations based on the model used in the Affordable Housing Plan. It was inclusive, wide-ranging, involved all stakeholders and genuinely wanted to listen. This process could help identify the community’s priorities in other areas.

Nanaimo needs to watch expenditures and manage their finances just as people personally need to do. We must be prudent on expenses and consider the larger picture of finances over a time frame anticipating large-scale expenditure and planning for the future not just right now. With the rapid growth we are experiencing, Nanaimo will most likely benefit from increased revenue from property taxes which could result in smaller increases in business and property tax rates.

People should vote for me because I'm a person of high integrity with an excellent work ethic. I form good connections with people as I am approachable, caring and committed to the City of Nanaimo. I have proven leadership in conflictual situations and I proactively practice collaboration with all citizens of Nanaimo.

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