Preparing for the debates

I've been preparing for the debates - this is quite a job I'm applying for! So much to know, absorb and learn but fascinating.
Did you know that the Transportation Plan is a beautiful document but very lofty goals but not a lot of it has been implemented and other issues are out of date?
I looked at the maps of the identified traffic corridors and it looks like two major corridors that have developed over the last 5 years is Sixth Street and 2nd Street. Both those streets have become major traffic corridors due to the massive development behind 7th Street. Cars come down 7th, hang a left on Howard and on 6th and boot it up to 6th going very fast. Same on the way down 6th. It's become a raceway and we have all lost at least 6 animals in the last couple of years.

A citizen who lives on Hawthorne corner of Wakesiah and 2nd feels the same thing has happened to her street. People turn left from the Parkway exit and race down 2nd to the light.
So I would like to say that, if elected, I will put forth plans to have the Transportation Plan updated and put in place some of the many good ideas.

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